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MaxRewards is a Techstars-backed financial technology company based out of Atlanta. Our mission is to empower consumers to easily make smarter financial decisions. Our award-winning app helps users manage their credit card accounts and maximize their credit card rewards and savings.

MaxRewards is the winner of the 2018 FinCon Startup Competition, a finalist in the 2019 FinTechSouth Innovation Challenge and 1 of 10 companies (out of 400+) selected to be part of the 2019 Techstars Atlanta Accelerator. MaxRewards is used by thousands of users, who have collectively earned over $20M in rewards in just the past year alone.


Anik Khan

Co-Founder and CEO

Credit card reward maximizer who's earned over $30K in credit card and travel rewards.

David Gao

Co-Founder and CTO

True life hacker who's earned over $20K in credit card rewards and over $50K playing online trivia.

Ibrahim Saberi

Lead Developer

Former CTO of an LA-based tech startup.


Landon Howell

VP of Operations, Wyndy

Former head of growth at Plastiq, a financial technology company in the credit card space that's raised over $60M in venture capital.

Natalie Figuereo

New Growth Strategy, Cox

Strategist and investor for one of the largest telecom companies in the Southeast who has been involved in over $100M in investments.

David Payne

Managing Director, Techstars Atlanta

Co-founder and former CEO of Scoutmob, a deals platform that raised over $7M in venture capital and had over 3M monthly active users.

Hong Bloom

Head of CX, US Cards Infrastructure at TD

Former director of marketing for a financial technology company that raised over $300M in venture capital. Former product manager and marketer at Chase.

Matt Romaine

Co-Founder, Gengo

Seasoned entreprenreneur who's raised over $25M in venture capital and led Gengo to a successful exit.

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Fintech Ventures Fund
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